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EX ING B&P Construction is a serious partner in the realization of buildings for all purposes due to its many years of experience in the construction industry.

The expertise and competence of our design and construction have been demonstrated in the realization of residential and commercial complexes, industrial buildings and facilities, as well as in buildings of high level of furnishing, in which outstanding quality is emphasized along with the mastering of modern technological and aesthetic requirements.

So far, engaged as a main contractor we have completed over 100 different projects, out of which we highlight:

We are currently engaged as a main contractor in the organization and construction of the following major facilities:


Residential and commercial building
New South


The residential and commercial building as a private investment was built in Vračar, situated between Šumatovačka street and Južni bulevar street. It has 129 apartments of different sizes and structures, ranging from 30sqm to 155sqm, 4 garage levels and a commercial space.
The building was completed in late 2017. So far, 99% of apartments have been sold, serving as the best evidence of high quality, level of furnishing and good functional organization.

Južni Bulevar